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Judul The Journal of Essential oil Research
Volume 7, Maret, 1995
Nomor 2
Lokasi MI
Pengarang -
Penerbit Allured Publishing Corporation, Carol Stream, 1995
Jumlah Halaman 114
Kode panggil -
Nomor dokumen 306
Jumlah dokumen 1 eksemplar (tersedia di perpustakaan = 1 eksp)
Media Kertas
Jenis dokumen Jurnal
Keterangan - Bahasa  : Inggris
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Keyword Essential oil

Artikel Dalam Majalah

No. Judul Pengarang Halaman
1Composition of The Essential oil of The Underground Parts of Geum Montanum L. (Rosaceae)Vollman,C. And Schultze,W.117 - 121
2Gas Chromatography-Isotepe Ratio Mass Spectrometry in The Analisysis of Peppermint oil And Its Inportance in Authenticity ControlFaber,B.; Krause,B.; Dietrich,A. And Mosandl,A.123 - 131
3Chemical Investigation of The Aerial Parts of Zingiber Zerumbet (L.) SM. From VietnamDung, N.X.; Chinh, T.D. And Leclercq, P.A.153 - 157
4Seasonal Variation in oil Content And Its Composition in Two Chemotypes of Scented Geranium (Pelargonium sp.)Rao,E.V.S.P. And Rae,R.S.G.159 - 163
5Analysis of The Essential oil of Wild Oregano from Martinique (Coleus Aromaticus Benth.)- Evaluation of Its Bacteriostatic And Fungistatic PropertiesPruden,D.; Perineau,F.; Bessiere,J.M. And Michel,G. And Baccou,J.C.165 - 173
6Essential oil of Origanum Saccatum P.H.DavisTumen,G.; Basrs,K.H.C.; Kirimer,N. And Ozek,T.175 - 176
7Essential oil Constituents of Sphaeranhus Cyathuloides O. Hoffm.Mwangi,J.W.; Achola,K.J.; Laurent,R.; Lwande,W. And Hssanali,A.177 - 178
8Volatile Components of Pocket Melon (Cucumis Melo L.SSP.Dudaim Naud.)Shu,C.K.; Chung,H.L And Lawrence,B.M.179 - 181
9Essential oil of Sideritis Lycia Boiss. Et Heldr.Ezer,N.; Vila,R.; Canigueral,S. And Adzet,T.183 - 185
10Volatile Leaf Oils Of American Myrtaceae. III. Psidium Cattleianum Sabine, P.Friedrichstslisnum (Berg) Niedenzu, P.Guajava L., P. Sw., And P.Sartorianum (Berg) NiedenzuTucker,A.O.;Maciarello,M.J.And Landrum,L.R.187 - 190
11Chemical Composition of Essential oil from Mongolian Acorus Calamus L.RhizomesTodorova,M.N.; Ognyanov,I,V. And Shatar,S.191 - 193
12Chemical Composition of The Rhizome oil of Alpinia Conchigera Griff from MalaysiaSirat,H.M. And Nordin,A.B.195 - 197
13Essential oil of Machilus Bombycina King from Northeast IndiaChoudhury,S.N. And Leclercq,P.E.199 - 201
14Composition of The Essential oil of Ocimum Basilicum L. Cultivated in TurkeyOzek,T.; Beis,S.H.; Demircakmak,B. And Baser,K.H.C.203 - 105
15Aromatic Plants of Tropical Central Africa. XXI. Chemical Composition of Bark Essential oil of Guarea Candrata (A.Chev.) Pellegr. from Central African RepublicMenut,C.; Lamaty,G.; Bessiere,J.M.; Seuleiman,A.M.; Fendero,P.; Maidou,.E. And Denamganai.J.207 - 209
16Essential oil of Minthostachys Mollis Grisebach from VenezuelaRoja,L.B. And Usubillaga,A.N.211 - 213
17Aromatic Plants of Mauritius: Volatile Constituen of The Essential oil Composition oils of Coleus Aromaticus Benth., Triphasia Trifolia (Burm.F.)And Eucalyptus kirtoniana F. Muell.Fakim,A.G.; Sewraj,M.D.; Narod,F. And Menut,C.215 - 218
18Herb oil of Dill (Anethum Graveolens L.)Grown in CubaPino,J.A.; Roncal,E.; Rosado,A. And Goire,I.219 - 220
19Volatile Constituents of Couroupita Guianensis Aubl. FlowersWong,K.C. And Tie,D.Y.225 - 227
20Essential oil of Salvia Caespitosa Montbretet Aucher ex Benth.Baser,K.H.C.; Kurkcuoglu,M.;229 - 230

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